Referencing and academic integrity

It is unclear which publishers are included in Google Scholar, so it shouldn’t be used as your only source for a comprehensive literature search. For references to reliable, academic sources search our Summon discovery service or databases covering your subject. May also be included in the body of your work to help the reader identify the section that relates to the full citation on your works cited page. These are also known as parenthetical citations, as they’re often enclosed , and MLA refers to them as citations in prose.

APA personal communication citations don’t require a reference entry. Instead, they’re mentioned in parentheses in the text wherever you quoted or paraphrased the source. How to Avoid Plagiarism | Tips on Citing Sources Avoid plagiarism by keeping track of the sources you use, quoting or paraphrasing them properly, and citing them correctly. APA Referencing (7th Ed.) Quick Guide | In-text Citations & References Easily learn the basics of APA referencing! Multiple authors, missing information, page formatting, and frequently asked questions.

Referencing and academic integrity

Then write “ChatGPT” and the date of the version you used, “OpenAI”, the date when you received the response, and the general URL of the tool. MLA suggests creating a Works Cited entry for any responses you quote or paraphrase from ChatGPT, as well as an in-text citation at the point where you include it in your text. If you’re not sure whether you’ve done how to start commentary this correctly, you can use the Scribbr Plagiarism Checker to find and correct any mistakes. Reference lists are usually alphabetised by authors’ last names. Each entry in the list appears on a new line, and a hanging indent is applied if an entry extends onto multiple lines. For information on how to reference correctly please see our page on referencing.

In it, the writer lists information about all the sources that they directly referenced within the body of the text and arranges the sources alphabetically by authors’ last names. As a general rule, direct quotes should come from credible sources and be kept to a minimum. Building an essay purely on direct quotes will not get you good grades; therefore, you also need to paraphrase ideas to show that you understand what you’re writing about.

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Without my highly detailed knowledge of the OGSA-DAI project, it would have been impossible to determine what software was used. Any image that you use should be given a figure numberand a brief description of what it is. Permission for use of an image in a published work should be acknowledged in the figure caption. Some organisations will require the permission statement to be given exactly as they specify. If they are required, permissions need to be stated in addition to the citing and referencing guidance given below. For educational assignments it is sufficient to cite and reference any image used. If you publish your work in any way, including posting online, then you will need to follow copyright rules.

  1. Denise took notes from different sources on the internet by copying and pasting.
  2. For now, let’s focus on online news articles from credible news sites, such as BBC News and The Economist.
  3. This could be an illustrator, photographer, author or organisation.
  4. For author-date systems, this will be in alphabetical order .
  5. Each style provides detailed guidelines for exactly what information should be included and how it should be presented.

Since ChatGPT isn’t always trustworthy and isn’t a credible source, you should not cite it as a source of factual information. Our eBooks are ideal for students at all stages of education, school, college and university. They are full of easy-to-follow practical information that will help you to learn more effectively and get better grades. Usually only relevant for books, but for how long is a essay these you should include the publisher name and place of publication. Citing and referencing information can be daunting for students who do not understand the principles. It isn’t usually acceptable to cite Wikipedia as a source in your assignments. Information on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, so may be unreliable, and it often isn’t at the correct level for university work.

What is the purpose of works cited in a research paper?

Be aware that a licence may place you under an obligation to attribute the use of software in your publication. Shark in a library image generated using an AI tool (Craiyon, AI Image Generator (pers. comm.) 14 July 2022).

how to credit a website in an essay

References are in brackets and take the form of the author’s surname, followed by date of publication, followed by page number, e.g. . Note that all quotations must be supplied with page references, but if you are referring to an author’s text in general terms, then of course page numbers are not required. Don’t cite ChatGPT as a source of factual information (e.g., asking it to define a term and then quoting its definition in your paper).

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The Harvard referencing system is of the most popular styles and the remainder of this article deals with this system. However, your university may prefer the use of a different system so check with your lecturer or in your course information as to which referencing style to use.

how to credit a website in an essay

It’s important to note that there is more than one referencing style. This section will use Harvard referencing to show you examples for in-text referencing. For online academic journals, the date should be stated near the title. Now you have a good idea of why and when to reference, let’s look at how you would reference a direct quote and how you would reference paraphrased ideas.


You could also bookmark important web pages to give yourself an easy online record of your digital sources. Of course, now it’s difficult to imagine life without the Internet. And the rise of the smartphone means that we all literally have a world how to state an article in an essay wide web of information at our fingertips, 24/7! This easy-to-access information is super useful for school and life. However, just as with traditional sources, any website you use while researching and writing must be properly referenced.

Let’s take a look at how you would write a reference for different mediums, such as books, journal articles, and web pages. If you’re referencing articles from online news sources, there is a chance you won’t know the author’s name. In this case, you should reference the name of the news site. Referencing credible authors and organisations throughout your essay or research paper shows that your work is evidence-based and trustworthy. It’s also important to show that your ideas and conclusions are based upon previous research and not just conjured up inside your head! Of course, your thoughts are valid, but it’s important to show how and why you came to your conclusions. This post uses a version of Harvard referencing based on the Open University guide .

Why Do We Cite and Reference?

The dataset only went up to 2021, meaning that it lacks information on more recent events. Google have produced a plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Safari which allows you to easily search for and cite articles. Highlight the title of an article in the page you are reading and then click the Scholar button and it will search for the article on Google Scholar in a pop up window. To get a formatted reference for a search result press the quote button next to it and the reference will appear in three different styles. For example, a poster to the R users forum describes his anger at the failure of another researcher to cite his R packages within a paper, despite being required by the licence to do so. Let’s go further into details on how to add the citations in other forms.

  1. So you shouldn’t cite ChatGPT as a trustworthy source for a factual claim.
  2. For books, this will include the place of publication and the name of the publishers.
  3. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to cite a website when you are using it as source for your thesis.
  4. This can be helpful for making a point in a short amount of space.
  5. MLA suggests creating a Works Cited entry for any responses you quote or paraphrase from ChatGPT, as well as an in-text citation at the point where you include it in your text.
  6. Our free Harvard Reference Generator automatically creates accurate references in this style.
  7. Using quotes properly will support your points and improve your assignments.
  8. There have been cases of students being blackmailed by companies asking for more money and threatening to report them to their university.

This section on Skills Hub is here to help you follow the guidance correctly, and you can come back again and again whenever you have another assessment to write. Referencing is how you body paragraph sentence starters acknowledge the source of the information you have used in your work. It helps to make clear to the reader how you have used the work of others to develop your own ideas and arguments.

Citing your sources with in

It is recommended to make a copy of the website or take a screenshot of the website you intend to cite. By doing so, you can ensure that you have cited the website correctly. This also means that your citation is accurate based on your last access of the website.

how to credit a website in an essay

However, where these citations will come in handy through sources okay…..what else is important, citing your references in your text or in between the content. One who do not think it is purposeful then they might face some serious consequences though. Taking out ideas from others research is not wrong however, portraying it as if it is yours is totally wrong. So, while writing anything whether it is academic or your own blog try to keep in mind crediting authors. Your conclusion should account for around 15% of your essay. You may wish to use 1-3 references to lend authority to your concluding statements.

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