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Manav Seva Trust (MST) Rajasthan, a philanthropic non-profit-non-government organization was registered on August 04,2016 focused on community development and capacity building within low-socioeconomic community.

The founders are Mrs. & Mr.N.L.Verma (Retd.R.A.S.) and few others who felt a need for starting a charitable organization dedicated to humanitarian activities for the overall welfare of our society.

The MST is driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s most challenging problems. Their mission is to ensure a sustainable living environment for Children, Disabled, Women, Elderly, Youth and poor families through the provision of education, health, vocational and life skills training and counseling services.

The MST is working in the field of overall Education, Empowerment, Environment and Development. The bedrock of our programme is our fundamental belief in equal opportunity and inclusion. The MST focuses on Education: transitional and flexible schooling for children as well as tuition; Empowerment: regular engagement with families and communities in life skills training such as Computer courses, Candle making, Embroidery, Beauty courses, Handicraft, Gift, Professional packing etc., Educational sponsorship: whereby families who cannot afford decent education are sponsored in sending their children to an accredited schooling institutions.

It is our belief that everyone has a right to access basic education and health care irrespective of disability, gender, class or caste. “Service to mankind is service to God’. At times, we all resolve to put in practice, but the modern day busy schedules silently erase our human face. But, there is a way for you to resolve by working.

The reason why “MST” or any other NGO exists in this world and especially in India is because the word is not a happier place to many. While the rich are getting richer, the poor are still struggling for their basic needs.

Has your heart melted to see half naked children roaming on the streets or a person on a wheelchair who comes to ask for alms while you have stopped at the red lights? It is easy to roll up the window and turn our face around, not because we are heartless, but because we cannot look at their misery. We believe that this section of the society can equally contribute to the economic growth of India. All they need is a helping hand from people like us who are blessed with the “plenty”.

If we can give ‘a little’ from our ‘plenty’ we can make a huge difference in the lives of these people and secure their present and their children’s future. All program function relies solely on donations. We will always be grateful to everyone to everyone who has given their time, money, materials and prayers to MANAV SEVA TRUST and have made our dream come true. Volunteers, helpers and many people from various fields are today, associated with MST.