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Manav Seva Trust (MST) Rajasthan, a philanthropic non-profit-non-government organization was registered on August 04,2016 focused on community development and capacity building within low-socioeconomic community.
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Reg. No. 201603019400440/04-08-2016.

  • MST complies regularly with statutory requirements of Income tax act, 1961.


  • Income tax registration, Income tax office (Exemptions), Jaipur.


  • 12AA(1)(B): URN No: AAETM6310K/08/2016-17/T-641/12AA Dated 29/08/2017.


  • 80G(5)(VI): URN NO:AAETM6310K/08/2016-17/T-642/80G Dated 29/08/2017.


  • PAN No. AAETM6310K.


  • Niti Aayog: RJ/2018/0200599 .


  • Registration No of Devasthan Vibhag :- 0174/2019


  • Registration No of PWD Act,2016 : 052/2018