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The module will cover a range of topics related to volcano monitoring, underpinned by an overview of the current state-of-the-art in volcanic science. In particular, the module will combine a theoretical basis of understanding for ground-based and satellite-based volcano monitoring capabilities with practical applications. Via lectures, lab practicals, and field-based activities, students will benefit from hands-on operation https://ideacasayjardin.com/professional-college-essay-writers-online/ of monitoring equipment through to processing and interpretation. This module aims to introduce the students to the origins, pathways and consequences of pollutants in the environment, their control and remediation. Pollutants are released into the environment through anthropogenic activities that include domestic, leisure and industrial practices. These pollutants are potentially harmful to the ecosystem and human health.

Your second year typically includes a seven-day residential field class in a European destination. We explore our dynamic, diverse world to address humanity’s greatest problems, from food waste to melting ice sheets. Our innovative research and practice-based learning will equip you with distinct, relevant professional skills. The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it’s up-to-date and relevant.

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In our ever-changing world, the ability to understand the processes and events happening around us is a useful skill to possess. Geography enables students to make sense of how our planet affects us but also the positive and negative impacts that we have on it in return. With elements of both the arts and the sciences, Geography is a subject which most students enjoy and many of the key themes are constantly in the news. In a time of climate change, fights for natural resources and the challenges around developing renewable energy, Geography has never been so relevant nor had such an important part to play in enabling the next generation to cope with these pressures. More data has been generated in the last 2 years than over whole history of humanity prior to this. This module is about understanding properties of spatial data, whether derived from the map, an archive or the field or from space.

geography extended essay topics

The module starts by introducing geomorphological concepts; and frameworks, and later introduces field and analytical approaches that are used to elucidate process rates and their drivers. A field visit and two practical exercises provide hands-on appreciation of approaches to understanding hillslope, fluival and aeolian processes. The department aims to ensure that lessons are up to date, varied, interesting and develop a diverse range of skills. This module introduces you to key concepts https://inkhatvong.com/7-helpful-tips-on-how-to-write-a-memorable/ and policies related to urbanisation and regional development, focusing on selected examples from North America. Journalism is a highly competitive field, with hundreds of writers vying for the same space to publish their work. Research experience, persuasive argument building, and data collection experience are all gained from writing an extended essay. Those who take Extended Essay learn the value of and begin to enhance their skills early, putting them ahead of many peers.

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Will be able to use our interactive whiteboard – all materials, including the recording of the class, are available to refer to later. All our tutors prepare a bespoke syllabus that will give your son or daughter a better chance of performing well when taking their exams. The average price per hour ranges based on the tutors’ experience, expertise, and student’s level. The International Baccalaureate is recognised around the world due to its combination of academic development with real-world skills.

  • This evolution will be placed within the context of wider changes in global political economy.
  • The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper.
  • The project involves submitting one extended essay draft to get the supervisor’s feedback before submitting the second and final version.

This module examines the role of monetary policy in influencing the expectations and behaviour of agents in the economy and the implications this has for outcomes such as inflation, GDP and household welfare. Students will focus on applications of monetary theory to central banks problems and the recent objectives of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee. Topics include Central Bank independence, inflation targeting and the zero lower bound on interest rates, money creation and quantitative easing, and the macroeconomics of pandemics. Students will research and write an extended essay on a topic of their choice that is relevant to both aspects of their joint degree scheme. The second part of the course studies constrained optimization which is central to understanding how households and firms make their consumption and production decisions when faced with limited budgets.


You’ll consider profound questions about the scale of the impact of human activities on our planet and the prospects for sustainable global environmental stewardship. We use a variety of methods to assess your progress, including exams, assessed essays, projects and extended research.

The Extended Essay helps candidates meet like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and develop a more global approach. This is a great thing to develop from a younger age and will be helpful in further study and university admissions. The value of the IB certificate cannot be overstated, it opens the door to almost all major universities in Europe and Asia. My name is Jenny, and I am a qualified IBDP economics teacher and IB examiner with over 15 years of IB teaching experience. Over 10 million students from across the world are already learning smarter. Research based on first-hand evidence gathered by the researcher through means such as observation, interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, and recordings of natural life.

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Because the question is about a whole group of children, all of whom may have different reactions, the answer to the question will have to be very detailed and require a level of subjectivity. The above list is not exhaustive and there may be other important factors that are relevant to the choices that you are making, but we hope that this will be a useful starting point to help you delve deeper than the face value of the Discover essay proofreading service Uni data. Discover Uni allows you to compare information about individual courses at different higher education institutions. This can be a useful method of considering your options and what course may suit you best. Data are usually collected in the summer between your second and third years, with analysis during the third year. You will also undertake project work involving field, lab and computer skills and techniques.

The role of local, national and international policies; citizens; scientists; the media and business will be covered. This module will foster an understanding of how to contribute to policy at the national level and how to influence local authority decisions. This module will consist of lecture material and workshops where you will learn about a range of human geography research methods, their merits and disadvantages, and the appropriate research contexts in which to apply them.

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These instances are countable, and could be compared with figures (e.g., as percentages) from previous years when other restrictions might have been in place. This question could produce a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. The quantitative data could come from seeing how many geography extended essay topics adolescents have noticed or reported mental health struggles as a result of TikTok use, and the qualitative data would come from analysing the different reasons for these mental health struggles. Focused – If your question doesn’t have a focus, your research will be irrelevant and muddied.

  • Geography is an interesting and diverse subject, allowing students to develop their understanding of the world around them.
  • Lancaster University offers a range of programmes, some of which follow a structured study programme, and others which offer the chance for you to devise a more flexible programme to complement your main specialism.
  • These include topics such as ‘World at risk’ where students examine how natural, context and chronic hazards interact with human processes.
  • Additionally, students will undertake self-planned group-based research work, and observational work of New York as a city of consumption.
  • As we face the profound challenges represented by the Anthropocene, this module explores critical and controversial debates about environmental and ecological issues.

This would include an appreciation of the fact that the ocean provides a range of values and benefits to different people, and an insight into the threats and policies facing ocean ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal communities. The relation between theories and practices of development will be explored in the module, as well as how these have changed over time. This evolution will be placed within the context of wider changes in global political economy. The ways in which development interventions dissertation statistics service have been contested on the ground while the concept of development has been subject to challenge intellectually will also be explored. In this part, you will participate in economic experiments involving games with and without strategic behaviour. We will also discuss the lessons from the Great Depression and the Great Recession, speculative attacks and currency crises, inequality, democracy and growth, government deficits and inflation, and the macroeconomic implications of Brexit and Covid-19.

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Over the duration of the module, students are required to source their own data, conduct appropriate analyses and produce a project report. Students will develop an understanding of what makes spatial data special; this will be taught through exposure to data from a variety of primary, secondary, contemporary and historic data across the breadth of the geographic discipline. The module will introduce common forms of spatial analysis and will provide an understanding of which to use under given the situations. Students will learn the principles of map design and effective cartographic communication, as well as gaining practical experience of critiquing digital outputs. Finally, the module will offer students significant ‘hands-on’ experience of using state-of-the-art GIS software to capture, integrate, analyse and present geographic information. This module provides an introduction to the skills used by geographers to analyse problems in both human and physical geography. The module begins by reviewing the principles of cartography and recent developments in the electronic delivery of map-based information through mobile devices and web-based services.

This is where you present your arguments, evaluation, comparison, discussion, and analysis of the subject matter. This section’s structure varies according to the subject of the essay, but the supporting evidence should accompany every piece of information. The title page is where you state the research question you set out to address, the subject you are studying, your school name, your name, total word count of the essay, and category . The https://fenixcellcuritiba.com.br/go-green-alfalfa-rolling-papers-1-1/ extended essay follows the standard essay structure, including the introduction, main body, and conclusion. However, always check with your supervisor about the structure you must follow to avoid complications later. However, in most cases, it is only possible to base your essay on secondary data because conducting primary research can involve time and money. But make sure to state your reasons for choosing one research method over another.

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In this blog, Anna outlines the initial steps to choosing an IB History Extended Essay topic and question as well as how to approach the proofreading essays services planning process. We wish you the best of luck in your group 3 essay and hope this guide has helped you to score as well as you can!

geography extended essay topics

Find out whether footnotes, appendices and bibliographies are included in the word count. This is particularly dangerous given the ready availability of relevant information on the internet these days. Make sure everything is in your own words; you’ll need to sign a declaration stating that it’s your own original work. Though the amount of marks allotted to an NEA has generally been decreased, it remains an important component of many subjects. Step 7– Select historical perspectives on the topic and be prepared to show why they have this opinion – again this should be integrated into the essay. Step 3– To research the Cuban Missile Crisis between April 1961 and 1962, using both primary and secondary resources. There is a heavy emphasis on the use of BOTH primary and secondary sources and a broad range of different types of sources.

It is their responsibility to guide you to understand the subject you have chosen. All students take a compulsory paper, Living with Global Change, which examines key concepts and current issues in geography, usually based around the theme of geographical risk . The degree allows you to study both human and physical geography, although you can choose to specialise in one of these areas from the second year.

geography extended essay topics

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